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feed your head.

feed your head, feed your head.

still around the morning after.
26 March 1988
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If I die, tell Rolling Stone that my last words were "I'm on drugs!"

i am...

real. a mystery. a sister. a daughter. a friend. a lover. a photographer. a writer. a drinker. vegetarian. loving. loathing. interesting. interested. eclectic. silly. a good listener. thinking for myself. honest. blunt. reckless. unashamed. different. indifferent. apathetic. an atheist. an idealist. an activist. entertaining. always laughing. strange. addicted to pills. open. allergic. anxious. depressed. manic. neurotic. imaginative. never cutting my hair. changing. not sorry. sarcastic. absurd. a student. a critic. unemployed. careless. curious. a traveler. reading the dictionary for vocabulary expansion. a dreamer. rude. always right. a procrastinator. indecisive. witty. a little kid at heart. an old soul. resourceful. unsure. never lonely. ambidexterous. lost. italian. irish. barefoot. an asshole. opinionated. stubborn. compassionate. creative. liberal. a reader. adventurous. amused. passionate. a fan of grammar.