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feed your head.

feed your head, feed your head.

4/18/09 12:27 pm

nobody has anything interesting to say?
no one?

i've decided to save all of my money and not buy a car or anything reasonable or necessary, but just to visit my friends spread along the country.

i've been meaning to go to pennsylvania for a while to see sonia and jess, though it most likely won't happen until jessie's wedding.

i need to visit kristy in santa monica, and patrick in LA.

i'd also like to see natalia, wherever she resides at the time.

AND i insist upon going to atleast one festival this summer.

maybe i could even call braylynn and stop into colorado. i think my skiis are still in the basement.

also, family vacation to myrtle beach in july. incredible.

how could i forget.. ALASKA :)

i need to make mac and cheese and put some pants on.
so sick of working.
and being sick.
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